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Friday, November 22, 2002

I'll have to stop going out to watch bands for now, I'm really not used to staying up late and my head hurts in the daytime. I've been posting a bit about artist distribution, production, and financing at indiefilipino. I hope these let me keep normal hours.

It sucks when your body doesn't cooperate with what you want to do! I guess it's how your physical traits affect your life, personality and being.

Wednesday night, I had a party with my old friends - a married couple - and their friends, where I caught up with a few people from high school. Afterwards, I went to Freedom Bar to watch the band Matilda. I like their sound! I would describe it as a harder dream pop. I then got to meet them afterwards - Yvette, Meryl, Charms and Jovi. Hands down to Manager Jovan! (They have a thread at peyups.com).

Last night, we had the first ever PinoyJUG EB, our first non-technical meeting. The plan was to bowl at Megamall, but we had to put it off since Digitel had a company tournament. (Why don't they hold it in Robinsons'?). So, we had dinner first. I don't bowl - or play any sport, for the matter - so I just stuck around for a while before I headed off to the next event of the night.

This was the second recital or public performance of the electronicamanila group. It was very interesting to see the gear live in action, especially when Rubber Inc. had a live percussionist/performance artist playing a steel drum which triggered their samples. Big Sky Mind was full of people who came to see Squid 9. Unfortunately, Raimund Marasigan had to explain that he wasn't prepared with his electronica stuff. So, he and his crew played an acoustic approximation of it. I was still impressed by Zach Lucero's rendition of electronic beats - it was my first time to see him play something harder. Raimund switched between lead guitar, rap vocals, and a one octave keyboard used by one of the electronica artists. Dreamy vocals were done by Vin Dancel and Kathy Meneses. Buddy Zabala played the acoustic bass, the type with a mic in it. Kris Dancel took over the guitar when Raimund did the Sandwich-style vocals.

While waiting for a cab to get home, at around 1:30 AM, I saw a utility truck with guys pushing up the power lines across E. Rodriguez St. A few moments later, a huge trailer truck passed by, carrying a train cab labeled "Test Run." I think it's for the LRT-2! It was a quick spectacle since traffic police made the street one-way in the Cubao direction.

PEx Book Club meeting tonight. I hope it works out and we can get things going again.


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