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Thursday, November 21, 2002

I was at the NU 107 Rock Awards. It was the first time I received the invitations to the event, but they turned out to be unnecessary!

The most interesting band for me was Pan, the new band of Dong Abay, known for Yano. Unfortunately I could not make out the lyrics. I'm sure they were very good.

The music was bad, but at least the spectacle was entertaining, and I got to meet indiefilipino staffers and members - the gang of Joey Brash. After the event I talked with friends about plans to bridge the gap between artists and patrons with the tech stuff I do. We went to Big Sky Mind where some other scene people hung out (to detox?) after the Awards.

For the tech, I spent today studying a bunch of stuff that I'll be documenting at techscene. It's all related to pushing bits, and that's what I want to do for the arts and the indie scene!

Looks like MMS Messaging has some interesting uses. The old adage of pornography driving technology is showing true again. I don't need the multimedia, or the camera, right now, but if entertainment apps are driving it, then I could jump in!

Michael Tan provoked my thoughts with his column on Social Capital. It makes me realize that techies have a responsibility towards society. Since I'm dabbling into media now, it's close to the tangible representation of intangible culture.


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