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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

A Self-Conscious Post

A friend tells me that I think about things too much. This journal shows it by enumerating facts and not emotions. I'm afraid that's true - I want everything I do to have a reason or a "higher purpose," more than just entertainment.

I don't think I could change that. I just have to channel it into showing positive sides of myself. "Being logical" is the basis of my fanatic work in the past, but it leads to anguish when it clashes with other things, like society's expectations.

I don't think I'm cold-hearted, anyway.
Perhaps I'm too insensitive to notice?

I was supposed to post to techscene about the last night's party for
the ACM programming contest, but my browser crashed after a paragraph's typing. I'll post again later.

I don't feel like doing much, nowadays.

My literature guru friend told me to read Julian Barnes for some intelligent fiction that can dispel my notion of reading fiction as entertainment only. Before I can spend on fiction out of my limited budget, there are some work related books I have to buy first.


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