Everything and Nothing

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

There is an adage, "God will give you the right person when you're ready." I believe that to be true, since it would be unfair to the "other" to have me now in my confused state. There is a lot to think about myself, being introspective and reflecting.

This post is a tribute to my teachers. Since we all learn from life, meeting people is a matter of learning and teaching. My current frustration - which some would say is a trivial thing - is my lesson in patience, humility, and acceptance.


Speaking of the God in the phrase above, let me turn back to Everything and Nothing. I heard the phrase again when talking to my uncle, with regards to spiritual beliefs. He also brought up Taoism, which led me to this overview of Lao Tzu and philosophical Taoism.

Right now, I could be best described as a pantheist, as described in this pantheism page. My core beliefs are: there is no personal God, and these are devices allowing us to focus on the Universe. Thus, the God above is a device.

Praying to a God is a hard habit to break, so for a change, I pray to the Goddess instead. Since love is what I pray most for, a feminine Goddess is an appropriate device.

Another belief that goes against the page above is belief in reincarnation. I definitely don't believe in a "heaven" or "hell," but I find it difficult to think that when we die, it's the end of our consciousness. My belief is now shifting away from us all having individual souls or consciousnesses, towards having a single one. In our current existence, we are aware of a limited subset of this.

I also believe in the possibility of supernatural things. Instead of looking at these as "mysteries," I think they are part of reality beyond our current understanding of space/time.


This Friday, the electronicamanila event at Big Sky Mind will include the Squid 9 project of Raimund Marasigan. It's his first public performance, and I should be there to watch. I'm listening to his album Inkjet right now, and I like it because it's electronic rock, and not the usual "techno" dance beats. In other words, it's rock rhythms and arrangements that happen to be brought to life by electronic gear.


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