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Sunday, November 10, 2002

I've finally done something I should have, a long time ago. What a relief.

I went to Admit One last night with Alene. I was flipped enough to join the Funniest Joke contest, where I narrated Boo Chanco's spiel about San Miguel vs other beers. I lost the applause vote to the two guys from peyups.com.

I met with Lionel Valdellon aka acid42, and bought the CD of Clone, his electronica trio. (His acid42 is now pending on my list). I talked a little tech with drummer/C++ guy Mikah Azurin, known better to some as the significant other of Annette of Fatal Posporos. I shared my ideas on my (yet non-existent) software for live percussion performance.

I later met up with Jaybee and his music-lover friend. Jovan told me about how she's recoding her site from scratch. I was surprised that Chino of Itchyworms formerly working in the Marketing department of my ex company. It was good that he remembered me, because my unreliable memory of people's faces stopped me from recalling him!

The musical highlight for the night was discovering Einstein Chakras. Some of the audience knew them well enough to sing along with their anti-capitalist anti-"war on terror" sung proclamations. ("Ayoko nang pumatay!"). I would say they're a modern punk rendition of the APO, with one of their songs reminding me of good old American Junk.

Speaking of politics, I took the political compass test and as expected, came out libertarian leftist. I would consider myself an anarchist capitalist, a worshipper of a totally free market. But then again, can I take the consequences of that on human development and welfare?

My list of things to do is growing. I didn't finish something I'm applying for - I'll tell you if I'm in (or out!)


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