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Saturday, November 23, 2002

Here are the minutes of the book club meeting. Unfortunately, the new people I wanted to meet backed out for various reasons.

Funny incident of the night: When I entered the cafe, a girl was reading a book. I thus asked her if she was a book club member! Not. She turned out to be a friend of the establishment's owners.

November 23, 2002
Perk Twenty One Cafe, Liberty Center, Mandaluyong City

Attendees: Cha, Eric, James, Migs, Oliver

We started by discussing variations on the traditional Book Club method of discussing one book a month. We considered letting attendees discuss different books by the same author for fiction, or about the same theme for non-fiction.

We decided to restart the meetings by letting members share their favorite and most influential books, on why "they changed their
lives." Listeners who wish to remain quiet may also attend. With this, iit will be easier to start the meetings again since minimum preparation is required from the attendees. A facilitator will ensure the proper flow of the discussion.

We agreed to promote the club outside of PinoyExchange, to other
online communities and real-lif friends.

This type of discussion will require a "serious" venue. Eric proposed
and will facilitate three venues:

1. Libris book shop in Paranaque
2. Ink and Stone at the Podium
3. Crowded House at Vinzons, UP

These venues can also help recruit attendees from their patrons. The
club will help the venues develop regular patrons. ("Clique" and mortar selling).


We also talked about some books:

- Darwin's Ghost
- Biography of a Germ
- The Quotable Einstein
- Six Equations that Changed the World


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