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Friday, September 27, 2002

One Big Shite

I empathize with Rowie for having crossed The Establishment when it comes to the UAAP games. I made this comment:

Well the way I see it, the UAAP is a sacred cow and school pride is like a cult, especially with the types that Richie Ramos described at ateneogenx. I guess some folks like you and me (who cares nothing for UAAP) have become more egalitarian and don't fit in the mold of the "old skool" Atenistas.

The reference to Richie Ramos (of Indiefilipino) is in his comments posted to the ateneogenx group:

Though I am by nature quiet on this list (I feel no need to actually write a lot on this ML for one reason or the other), what all of you have said rings true in my own mind.

What is it about, this Ateneo-Lasalle conflict? As a man (forget the word Atenean) who has friends from all schools, I have always found it verging on the point of childishness. Once you get to the big world out there, it doesn't really matter - unless you subscribe to the old-boy network of getting a job via connections in the alumni.

I have actually avoided the whole UAAP thing, simply because even in my time, I felt uncomfortable with the fact that Ateneans could actually hate another school so much - and don't tell me it's just in the name of fun, unless fun involves indiscriminate bashing.

After what I've read, I am all the more happy that I purposefully ignored watching the latest game. And by the way, it IS disturbing to see Ateneans who feel that the world owes them a lot, simply because they are Ateneans - that they have some sort of Grand Destiny because of that.

Ah let's face it, the UAAP and the Alumni Network are big bucks.


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