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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

I am interviewed for my ideas on the local ICT industry for
the 18th annniversary issue of Metropolitan Computer Times. I am cited as one of their "18 Movers and Shakers."

They called me "a grizzled IT veteran at a relatively young age of 28, Migs." Well yes, I am literally grizzled now. Young? Yes, compared to the other people they named. I often feel old relative to my peers. It's always great to be written about, but it's a challenge to do more!

I haven't been doing much in the past few days.
I've been playing Warcraft - almost done with the missions. I hope to be ready for work tomorrow! Piling up, piling up.

Almost no coding or tech stuff over the past few, until today. I tried something to practice Java class loading, based on a question posted on PEx. It was too complex for the Java learners' list, though. I hope to get some discussion rolling there.

The thesis group I'm helping has come up with a great idea for the JXTA project. I'll share it when it's ready for public scrutiny.


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