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Sunday, September 15, 2002

Not much tech for the weekend. Was tweaking my new home PC, which is for my development, and for my brother's school work and games. Remaining tweaks are to get the VIA 8233 AC97 sound system working under Linux, and speeding up the hard disk system to UDMA 100 or 133.
Still running on a borrowed 14" monitor and TNT2 video card.

I'm getting started with NetBeans. I can now use Java IDE's, now that I have 256 MB RAM. They are a pain with 128. I am reading the draft of the O'Reilly book.

Cryptix SASL isn't too fun to work on. The Cryptix JCE (Java Cryptography Extension) reports that HMac_MD5 is not supported.
The source is not easy to debug, to find out why the cipher is not available. I'll get back to it since SASL is important and it is good to know the JCE from the inside.

Thanks to the PH-Cyberview group, we are updated on the whereabouts of Miguel "Migs" Dimayuga. He has entered the Jesuit Novitiate at the New Orleans province. He was one of the first ISP techies, being a founding crew member of SKY Internet. He was previously with a number of US ISP's, and is the first Pinoy to present at NANOG (North American Network Operators Group) in June 2000.

Another Pinoy - an anomymous one - was able to scam $3 from the scamming folks from Africa. Pinoy ingenuity? It's funny, anyhow.


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