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Monday, September 16, 2002

Dominique Cimafranca, who does open source advocacy for IBM Philippines, posted an analysis of Microsoft's attack on local open source. He summed up the attack as:

Premise: Commercial software is responsible for creating millions of jobs

Premise: Open source software is not commercial software

Conclusion: Open source software will stop the growth of the local software industry

Read more from his site or from INQ7.

Another prepaid card provider bites the dust. Word from PEx is that Globe is offering its own dialup prepaid card. If it would be like the trial accounts offered in PEx, then it would be a "premium" service - that is, you get the full modem speed.

I won't be a customer of Globe for DSL since they have confirmed that they are not serving my area.

I got JSO and its example to work with Netbeans. The IDE is easy to figure out even if I skipped reading the O'Reilly draft. I can now go into the depths of JSO and work on completing it.

Aya Medel may have an iMac, but I can't afford one yet. The only reason I see to get one is to integrate MS Office into BSD Unix.


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