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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I'm starting to read O'Reilly's Programming C# 2nd Edition, and using Mono to run the examples. I'll see how far Mono goes before having to switch to Windows XP + .NET SDK. I hope Mono is sufficient to learn the language and core classes. I really feel crippled coding under Windows.

I'll probably spend less time in Windows since I've finished the Warcraft story. Yay!

I still have a list of things to study in Java. In the crypto department, this includes JSSE and SASL. In the network department, this includes java.nio. One of my goals is to write a network server using java.nio but there's no practical use yet. I'd like to write a Pure Java RADIUS server but that task is too big for me alone.

I'm figuring out how to get the Java ClassLoader to load a class from a file then make it an implementation of an interface. This is related to the project I suggested to the thesis group, and something good to know as well.


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