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Friday, September 20, 2002

I missed the PEx Business Club and Developers' Night meeting. Next time.

I've been playing too much Warcraft, so much that I couldn't sleep properly with the games playing in my dreams. At least it works great on my humble new system (Duron 1.1 Ghz + a borrowed TNT2 32 MB).

So today, I gave it a rest. I spent most of my day out of bed chatting with friends and getting help with my problems, PEx, and plain surfing. I managed to restart my programming - "restart" since I haven't felt like doing tech stuff for a few days. I read some JSSE docs and got started on some trial coding.

From PEx, I learned about Anino Entertainment, which is creating a game called "Anito." (For the non-Tagalog readers, "anino" means "shadow" and "anito" is a spirit). It's described as a 3D adventure game in an Asian setting. Check their site for the fully story.

I saw Jenny Jamora again on Juice TV, talking about acting and teaching acting to kids ("What's Your Juice?"). I want to know more about her... Such a coincidence, I only got to watch TV since I'm stuck at home, and I found the Juice website linked from some place. I just signed up at their messageboard/forum.

I signed up for Blogtree after seeing it mentioned at my blogmom Pammy's page. Will I get to meet my "siblings" quarter life crisis and disordered intellect... ? Check my Blogtree page.

Which reminds me, people with much newer blogs than mine manage to decorate theirs much better. Someday...


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