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Thursday, December 05, 2002

Very nice post. My own version would be - reading blogs makes me realize - or wonder - why everyone else's life seems better than yours! But should you even compare? I do, and that helps me feel miserable at times. Why don't I have something that's so easy for other people to have?

I caught the obituary of Santi Bose. The Bad Boy of Philippine Art, it read. Neat.

New dream person to meet: Michelle Coronel Santos of Cinderella. Wow.

I am at the office to hopefully put in some work despite the holiday. Unfortunately, money rules. The streets leading to Megamall were oh so congested. Fortunately it has never been my habit to buy gifts or go shopping - more so now that I cannot afford it! When I do have money, I know my priorities... I have them listed down.

I should start drawing up my dream Christmas list, though. Maybe I'll post it when I migrate this journal. I'm thinking of quitting Blogger and moving to b2. The catch is that I'll be forever dependent on the fact that my web host has MySQL and PHP available.


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