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Thursday, December 05, 2002

I was sick yesterday. Frustrating. I can't keep up with other people because a little lost sleep brings me down.

Work is still good, though. I'll be turning up tomorrow since time is of the essence. (And I didn't do enough today). While I hope to write Java code like a poet, the reality is that I'm trudging through other people's code and trying to understand it. (software archeology, argh!)

I hope I'll get rested enough to make it to the events on Saturday (UP? Freedom Bar?), or Sunday night (Mayrics for Grabe Sunday? whiichever I decide to go to.) If I feel like going out Saturday afternoon, I'll head to the Blues/Jazz Festival at Greenbelt Auditorium. Jim Ayson has more details at the pinoyrock group. At least I don't have to stay up late.

The official press release of the Web Awards gives some details I've missed. Half Project has a photo gallery. (Thanks to Cynthia for pointing it out).

Some Java blog led me to the advertising blog generator. Very appropriate, the stuff that comes out.

Does the Department of Labor and Employment have to raise cash by selling their domain? Check out pinoymigrant.dole.gov.ph. Or do they mean, the Pinoy (rather, Pinay) is migrating to a new shampoo?


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