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Friday, October 25, 2002

Now finished with one week of giving "beginner" Linux training at work.

Gathering the Pieces

Here is the download list for pinoyjavalearners so far, in my latest post. I'll be copying the CD-R for people getting started. I need to get this going since I don't get to code as much as I like. Hopefully, this will recruit more people to help me out!

This is 388 Megabytes already... :)
Please suggest stuff to be added, or maybe removed.

Java 2 SDK 1.4.1_01 for Windows and Linux
Java 2 SDK docs
Java 2 Mobile Edition Wireless toolkit for Windows and Linux

Jakarta ant 1.5.1 (Build tool)
Jakarta logj4 1.2.7 (Logging toolkit)
Jakarta Tomcat 4.1.12 (Servlet/JSP server "container")
Xalan (XML XSLT transformation)
Axis (SOAP web services)

IDE's and Editors:
Netbeans 3.4 for Linux, Windows and platform-independent
Eclipse SDK 2.0.1 for Linux/GTK and Windows

Poseidon 1.4.1 Community Edition

Sun Java Tutorial and examples

With this DSL link, I can now cut down on spending on Internet from the house. I'll just prepare what I need. That will also help me cut down on unnecessary computer time.

Are you with us?

Abet de la Cruz and Jed Domingo on using crypto for the proposed Philippine National ID. I can't say, I just write code...

Feet on the Move

Now off to my latest pastime - learning Dance Maniax! I've peaked at Percussion Freaks for now - I'm not too keen on playing the songs at Four Stars and above.


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