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Thursday, October 24, 2002

Who is Eastern Telecom? I'll find out now that I got an office DSL connection from them. I can now put together the pinoyjavalearners CD for newbie distribution. I'll probably hack on it this weekend since haven't been spending time on the group. I haven't been even doing much Java either! I can now try more stuff that's heavy on the byte side. The better thing about it is that it offers a lot of bandwidth going out. It would be neat for hosting stuff that isn't too mission critical, and for testing servers.

Exactly one week ago today, I was at Pam's party. She is my primary influence in getting a journal up, second to the tech blogs at O'Reilly. It was so nice to hear her sing with her band, after reading about it for so long. I think Alanis Morrisette was influenced by Pam's writing and followed her style. (That's right - not the other way around!)

I also got to see The Pin-Up Girls. They are nice to listen to but too "pop" for me to go out and watch live. Jeng Tan really reminds me of another blogger friend. (I'm not telling who!) I wish they had a song with the girls singing lead vocals, if possible.

The musical highlight of the night was experiencing Dahong Palay. I wanted to get up on my feet and march the streets, even if we were at Club SEx (Sound EXperience). Our ears were all ringing after the electric explosion of protest rock.

In contrast, Nityalila is quiet. I caught her Tuesday night at Bistro 110. She played really really nice original songs, with a friend on electric lead guitar backing her up, but I found her choice of covers a bit strange. Elvis Presley? I doubt that the bar crowd there knew who she was. I look forward to watching her again playing originals and less well-known stuff.

I joined electronicamanila group on an invitation. While I neither play nor compose, I hope to be able to help out in custom programming and music file distribution. The former would be an interesting coding exercise, while the latter will complement my content distribution and IP engineering explorations.


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