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Thursday, October 17, 2002

I'm looking at October 26 for the first meeting of the pinoyjavalearners. The CD distribution for beginners is taking shape and is related to the project concept for the Kabuhayan (Livelihood) CD for Pinoy programmers.

The Linux threading problem for freeradius was fixed by upgrading to the glibc in Red Hat 7.3. I have continued working on my prepaid Internet card suite for RADIUS.

I'm starting to learn the Ruby language. It's in use for one of my other projects. So far, it seems OK except for concepts I haven't seen elsewhere. (I have never used Smalltalk). Let's see if I'll encounter confusion between Ruby, Python and Perl.

I'm also poring on Java language issues in this Ken Arnold interview. This reinforces the fact that I need a solid hold on language basics to construct larger things.


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