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Tuesday, October 15, 2002

I'm hacking on my Python module for the FreeRADIUS server. I might use it in a commercial project. I'm still having trouble with Linux threading.

A post at pinoyjavalearners led me to Java Practices. I should start using the tips there for better coding. This is more reason I want to get a copy of Effective Java by Bloch soon. The site derives from it.

I've almost finished Programming C# by Jesse Liberty. It refers too much to Visual Studio, but I guess that's the reality of .NET programming. Learning .NET will clutter my brain, but it's still good to know its principles.

Wilson Chua of Bitstop Computers has an article. The business was my client in the previous ISP job. One of his most significant projects is streaming Philippine radio stations at eRadioportal.com. That's a n interesting content delivery problem that would satisfy the average Pinoy user abroad looking for a taste of music from home.

I tried that in early 2001 with disastrous results. The Erap "White" album, anonymously produced by RJ Jacinto and the Riots, was an "underground" hit. I ripped the tracks fo MP3 and posted it at asarproject.org (now defunct). That was the site of Artists for Social Action and Responsibility, who still have a site here and an inactive Yahoo! group. (asar roughly means "peeve" in English).

The Cocktales business section gossip column at the Inquirer spread the word about the CD. I mailed the author, Victor Agustin, to inform him that the music was available online. In a matter of three days my web traffic shot at the paid web host through the roof and I paid quite a large sum of money - my contribution to EDSA 2.

I'm now figuring out the proper, scalable way to do these things!

Aside - why doesn't Erap update his blog?


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