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Sunday, September 08, 2002

My Java education project has started with the pinoyjavalearners Yahoo! group. My initial description:

A forum and study group for learning and peer teaching of the fundamentals of the Java programming language. We encourage free-flowing discussion, and the only bad questions are those that remain unanswered.

I have invited friends who want to get started. I look forward to developing my Java teaching skills, and get a firm grasp of the fundamentals. This is peer teaching, anyway - I cannot claim to be a language expert. I have been using Java for only around six months.

On open source programming as art: I found a Slashdot discussion from 1999, and the article it makes use of.

I have resumed studying the JSO (Jabber Stream Objects) project. I generally understand the example code for the library, but it fails to authenticate against the Jabber server. I've started debugging it but hit a snag.

While giving the security training, I found that the Honeynet project has a challenge for beginners, involving the analysis of port scans. I haven't dived into packet forensics, but I know I have to learn at least the basics to be serious about security.

My project manager gave me a heads-up that our commercial project will be intense this week. While I'm looking for more adrenaline than often-lazy training, we all have to remember that stress kills!

I am no longer a pressure worker. I used to be back in the ISP days, but I grew tired of it. But it's a living, and consulting work pays the bills, so to speak.

I also like to sleep long - at least eight hours a night. That means, no going out during weeknights during heavy work days. I hope it's not heavy enough to stop me from attending the Tumble Dry Tour on Wednesday. At least I have quit working weekends, except for reading and leisurely hacking. I should make it to the event of Inquirer 2bU this Saturday.

I'm sorry if I'm mixing tech and non-tech here, but the techscene project has not yet started up. When that happens, you can find all the tech stuff over there, leaving this journal to my personal ramblings.

I also need a way to easily update and publish my public to-do list for you guys to see - and remind me if I'm slacking off about something!
First on the list is to put up a links and comments page.

Finally, congratulations to Arnold Arre and Cynthia Bauzon for the soft launch/book signing of After Eden at the Book Fair. I may have missed it last night, but I'll make sure I go to the formal launch!


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