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Saturday, September 07, 2002

Today was the day of the arts. I went to the shoot at Brash Young Cinema for its upcoming TV show. Guests were indie film director Quark Henares, who reached mainstream recognition with "Gamitan"; Michi Valeriano of MyX, the music channel of ABS-CBN Broadcasting; and Lyndon Gregorio, creator of the Beerkada comic strip and book anthology.

We were all laughing hard as Joey Fernandez, the driving force behind Brash, was a riot behind the cameras as he brought out the laughingly best behavior out of his guests. I went alone but was able to meet Joey's friends whom I have only previously read on their blogs. This project will be an artistic success. Commercial success would depend on the attitudes of the business people behind the broadcast networks, and the interest level of the audience.

I had already met Joey late last year, the one time I saw a film there. Now, I am hardly a film enthusiast, and I find that I hardly have the interest in watching them. But I greatly admire the people who work on them, and the independent filmmakers the most.

Later in the afternoon I went back to the Book Fair, picked up After Eden, and met with friends. Unfortunately I failed to have by copy signed. I'll wait for the grand launching.

I started to read it, and it's... senti.


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