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Thursday, July 11, 2002

I have started to read the JXTA book by Brendan Wilson whose drafts are available in PDF. I need to get some code from jxta.org but they seem to be down right now.

I will be revisiting my old work using flow-tools to collect Cisco Netflow data. This time, the packet data will summarized for billing information. I might be needing some "enterprise programming" for the billing parts, and that's an area I lack experience and interest in.

From the news: AT&T and PLDT are talking. It's a nice time to come in given that Worldcom seems to have the bulk of private lines used for IP traffic coming into the country. AT&T Wireles is also mentioned and I wonder what that would have to do with the local mobile carriers.

The Philippine Science and Technology Portal is starting up. I hope it gets more people to work on projects to help development, and maybe some national pride and glory.


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