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Monday, July 08, 2002

I downloaded the Apache XML Security package which Axis can use. I'm going to study the Java crypto implemented by the folks at Bouncy Castle - what a cute logo!

Bad news for malusers. The local ISP organization members are going to cooperate in tracking them down.

Some good news for Eastern Telecoms. That telco has had ownership problems before.

Congratulations to the WS Publishing Group for sweeping the local IT journalism awards. Personally, I think Businessworld is just as good, and is better in business-related coverage.

From PEx, the Gotcha prepaid card is now offering 21 hours per 100 peso card, which is the lowest I've heard. How do they maintain the service at that rate?

Like my friend pammy, Rex Navarrete's portrayal of Maritess has also stuck in my head. I don't have it as bad as her though, and in fact it inspires me to make use of my hobby of spoofing voices. I might just try doing voice-overs for my friend who is making his own cartoons. I can think of stuff to say on the fly pretty fast, but I can't tell if it's fast enough for comedy.


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