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Sunday, July 07, 2002

I put up wiki. It's a more original way of putting comments. Yup, it's classic me to do something differently. Whether people would like is, is something else!

I might be helping a team of graduate students hack on the presence component of the JXTA peer-to-peer framework. I can't resist the chance to hack on network-oriented code, and working with grad students might help me catch up with the algorithmic/math part of Computer Science.

I'd also like to build a P2P app for distributing original local (Filipino) content. IndieFilipino has interesting articles and discussion on that, including a thread on being an artist which is relevant to my article.

Speaking of "hack," Dominic Rivera told me that he is covering the Hackers On Planet Earth conference in New York City. I deal with security issues once in a while, but am more interested nowadays in creating security tools.

I picked up two local, independently produced albums distributed by N/A Records - Lynn Sherman and Friends, and WDOUJI, the Witch Doctors of Underground Jazz Improvisation. I also got the more mainstream Moonstar 88. I would like to write more about them, but I don't know how to write music reviews.


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