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Tuesday, July 09, 2002

I had a surprise meeting this afternoon. I will be contributing design and code for a very important piece of local Internet infrastructure. I look forward to work on things that really matter.

I'm having weird problems fetching my mail from my webhost in the US, and the Blast prepaid card. There seems to be some packet loss, even though reaching Yahoo! is fine. The connection to PEx colocated at the Ayalaport hosting center is also fine even if it loops through the US and does not pass through a local Internet exchange. Someone's link must be down.

I noticed that Globe Telecom now gets IP transit from Savvis again. A few days ago they had an outage, and at that time, they were using their UUNET link. I wonder, did they drop that due to problems with the troubled Worldcom?

I found out that the IT journalism awards were part of a contest where the different publications submitted entries. Businessworld did not submit as a matter of policy.

I also learned more about the story behind MyX, the music channel of the ABS-CBN broadcast network. The channel had a controversial reformat. (Nice how the same word has different meanings in media and in computers)


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