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Friday, July 05, 2002

figured that it's not worth the effort to write my own blog software. My techie time is better spent elsewhere, like the projects that are facing me this coming week. The past week's training kept me from writing code. I do want some time for my mind to chew on something else.

It's raining hard this early morning, just as it was earlier this evening when I was at Glorietta for a lackluster PEx EB. The new Percussion Freaks machine made it a little bit more interesting.

I have been compiling new software for wave editing on my Linux based PC. I want to perform with it onstage, generating percussion beats using software I put together myself. Tech and art together is a dream fusion for me.

I haven't had much coffee the whole week so my body must've lost tolerance for it, keeping me awake. It's either that or the other interesting things on my mind. I should try to go to sleep now, so tomorrow I can hack on the tech stuff, attend my brother's birthday party, and go on with my scheduled events.


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