Everything and Nothing

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I thought of a better blogging idea. Use my other blog for the quick updates. I have full control there, and I have lots of ad space and text links available. TLA will like frequent updates.

I just need to upgrade that blog to Wordpress 2.2.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Blogger seems good enough for my use case.

Just two suggestions: Go back to the compose box after posting (ala Twitter), and a keyboard shortcut to post instead of mousing over to the Publish Post button.

While Profimail posting seems OK, the N70 keys are just too small for comfortable emailing. And while I could bear with that.. the N70 hung! Yep it's notorious for that.

Now to continue with Java Generics training material and samples.

Trying imap hacks to move out the gazillions of mailboxes from my work IMAP inbox. Doing it remotely - can't wait to get to the office and do it with Thunderbird, since I want to test the profimail mobile client which supports SSL for IMAP and SMTP. N70 doesn't support SSL/SMTP, 6233 doesn't support SSL at all, and I don't want to buy a new phone just for proper email.

Posting here again.

I haven't been posting in my main blog because Twitter makes it so easy to twit/post all the time without thinking. My main blog is idle because I want it to contain complete articles. That's a bit hard to do.

So here, I'll post without thinking. Without much thinking.