Everything and Nothing

Monday, May 25, 2009


My personal writing has been under pressure. From the occasional words I weave at work - email conversations, technical documentation, and miscellany. From micro-blogging - the tweet, which makes it so easy to get something out in a few words. Sometimes witty, often blah. Post-post-modern realtime thinking hooks us up to the global thought stream, but threatens us with ignorance disguised as immediacy.

Now, I must ease the pressure. The words coming out must escape. I shall use the Tweet as a channel to drive my writing. A sieve to sort my thoughts. So that when something falls together, I can write it here in this blog.

I'll leave this blog open for writing about everything and nothing - the title. I won't stop myself from writing just because it's irrelevant or doesn't fit my "image." I have other venues for that.

With this, I write again.


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