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Wednesday, October 09, 2002

The "Post" button now appears on Mozilla! How unpredictable. Nevertheless, its failure is a wake-up call for me to find a Content Management System that I can live with.

I just finished the Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. While it has been put down as an attempt at pop psychology and sociology, it still has enough to make me think. This essay relates the concept with blogging and the spread of ideas. How funny that I was reminded of this concept by an article in The Pragmatic Programmer which refers to the "No Broken Windows" principle brought up in the book.

Gladwell has a collaborator, Seth Godin, who put has an idea called the Idea Virus , and has the complete ~200 page book in PDF form. (Godin says "read and share," and I'd like to print and share too!)

I'm fascinated in marketing and business in the same way I'm fascinated bv art. While I no longer want to get into business like I did before, I am very interested in the people, the stories, and the culture. I guess I see it from a "journalist" point of view.

I got that concept some time ago, when I talked to an IT journalist and complained that IT writing was not technical enough for me. The journalist replied that their job is to explain IT to laymen, and "hard core" tech writing is for peer-reviewed papers. I understood that further when I started writing papers and had to be strict about it.

I look forward to following these different scenes and using my experience there to help in my core area, the tech scene. For this week sharing and mentoring in core Java would be it. This blog entry at the O'Reilly Network by "chromatic" reinforces my ideas and pushes me to take it to the local, Philippine context. His Slashdot article makes me think about the proper ways of using open source software development as a channel for building development skills.

For work, I'm studying Jetty as a lightweight Web server for filling in a project requirement.

This weekend, I should be picking up in C# and .NET where I had left off, as well as learning SASL and more crypto for the implementation in JSO (Jabber Stream Objects in Java).


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