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Monday, August 26, 2002

This time, it's someone from CA telling us about "going beyond call centers.". Not to be outdone, the new country manager of Microsoft Philippines wants to start helping local independents software vendors (ISVs) develop business applications using Microsoft software that will fit the requirements of small- to medium-sized businesses.

Let them get to it while I work on my free software. Unfortunately, commercial work was the order of the day. While I'd like to use EJB, the people on the team and I don't know it just yet, and there are some issues forcing us against it. Nevertheless, EJB/J2EE is still up there in my to-learn list. I'm not making progress in studying Struts, though my cute app idea is still relevant.

While I'd love to have days devoted to nothing but writing and working on open source, the reality is I need commercial projects to get experience in things like Software Engineering. That's fine since I need to develop that too. So I'm working on having the chance to balance both, nicely.

Speaking of to-learn, my to do list is outdated. I just noted down that it needs to be updated. I should put a quick write-up of the pending projects I can share.


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