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Sunday, August 04, 2002

I got started on my Struts practice, but got hit by two problems. The first is that the system could not find the keys in the properties files used in bean:message. The mailing list archives I found suggested no solutions. The second is that the WAR files I create are not loaded properly. I'm really new to Tomcat, JSP and servlets since I do nt use them for professional work, yet.

My head hurts. I should quit drinking coffee, or at least limit it to before lunchtime. A 4PM sip yesterday led to me sleeping at around 4AM even if I went to bed before midnight. Long after the caffeine is destroyed or passes out, my hyper and jittery state remains. Ah, the perils of being bipolar. But it sure beats being depressive, which has fortunately avoided me for months. See How to Recognize a Manic Episode, I've been through almost all of them, including #12 ("If she describes auditory or visual hallucinations or shows paranoid behavior, contact her psychiatrist immediately. These are serious symptoms."). #8 ("Notice if he complains that his thoughts are racing uncontrollably") is common and keeps me from sleeping once in a while.

On top of that, I'm a perfectionist - but not in everything, and an obsessive-compulsive list taker and schedule keeper. To explain, I make lists of everything I think of, in this computer and on paper. Broken schedules frustrate me, and I'm not happy when new things pop up unexpectedly. I'm a creature of routine.


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