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Friday, August 02, 2002

My list of new tools to write is growing. I want to write an adapter between the Netflow traffic statistics collected by flow-tools, and the ACID monitoring console initially built for Snort. There is a possible need for working in the reverse direction - converting Ethernet-sniffed traffic collected with tools like tcpdump to Netflow packets for unified performance analysis. Doing these would be a return to Unix-oriented C-Python-Perl programming, good for variety.

An httpd access_log analysis task, plus discussion on Philippine Internet infrastructure encourage me to revive my domestic IP mapping project. This time I'm looking at completing the list of local AS Numbers? based on APNIC and ARIN sources. I would then look it up against the BGP routing table dumps provided by the
Route Views Project. Perl scripting again. I would prefer Python for elegance but Perl crunches logfiles faster in my limited experience. Perhaps I should write it twice for comparison. Implementation issues regardless, I hope will give more facts for IP network operators and content hosters to make intelligent decisions.

My college teacher back in 1992 was quoted in an article. My only remaining memory of her class was that I failed an exam. I overlooked the back page of the exam sheet and was gloating that I finished early!


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