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Saturday, July 20, 2002

I fixed both JSwat and the JXTA book source. I got JSwat got to start by putting Xerces at the beginning of the classpath. The JXTA book source suffered from being compiled with Jikes. It worked after a rebuild with the Sun javac.

I'm making progress in understanding the Formatting Objects Processor (FOP) and requested some clarification from the developers.

I learned Java from Bruce Eckel. He has released a beta of the third edition of Thinking in Java, which I will be trying out. There is an early release of Thinking in C# which I should find useful when I take the plunge.

My college classmate and friend announced that his new company focusing on procurement solutions is ready for business.

After a couple of months of resisting, I finally gave in and played Warcraft III yesterday.


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