Everything and Nothing

Sunday, July 28, 2002

Everything and Nothing. When I'm in obsessive-compulsive-perfectionist mode, I get angry that I'm not good at everything I want to be. Well, well, nothing will come out of that.

I thought I would start coding on Struts today, but I didn't. At least I was able to understand some parts of the sample code. Before I start my project, I need to know something about Beans. In any case, there is no external rush here - just me setting my own requirements and deadline.

I want to try writing children's non-fiction because I like explaining things. It would be a break from the technical stuff you would find around these pages. Thus it was very interesting for me to join the PEx Book Club last night in meeting authors and illustrators for childrens' literature. Here is an overview of that scene. I hope to get started soon and explore a different aspect of writing.

Thanks to the Indiefilipino forums, I found the new MP3.com site of Lionel Valdellon, Filipino electronica musician. I've watched his previous project, Clone (MP3.com site) and I was blown away. I would love to make my own electronica, but I could really do just percussion. One day, I'll do a live performance with acoustic and electronic percussion. If I'm in a purist mode, I'll do it with my own software... oops! I never got back to working on the ecasound wave generation tools. So much to do, so much to do.


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