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Monday, August 19, 2002

I registered a domain for the tech blog community. The DNS hosting is still pending at the GraniteCanyon free domain hosting service. I'll move the tech stuff out of this blog, get some more people on board, and keep personal stuff here.

Smart Money Holdings Corp. is signing up with Sun to market its mobile commerce solution to foreign markets. The corporation is a join venture of mobile operator Smart Communications and smartcard provider Mondex Philippines. Mondex Philippines is majority owned by Nextstage, Inc. (see Mondex Philippines FAQ). Nextstage is owned by Orlando Vea and his partners who founded Smart Communications in 1991 (see Businessworld article) which they sold to First Pacific, which later acquired Philippine Long Distance Telecom (PLDT). Hence, Smart is de facto the wireless company of PLDT.

The article about government e-procurement is related to Bayantrade, the largest local e-procurement operation. This Businessworld article describes some management changes there.

Systems Technology Institute, a computer school more commonly known as STI, is looking at an IPO next year. Their president is one of those who has spoken out against contact centers, recently.

A local update on the merger of HP and Compaq from ITnetcentral: integration is "90% complete" but 40 people or 20% of the local staff will hit the streets.

I have found two other Pinoy tech blogs, techinsights.blogspot.com, and The Web Log, which seems to have come from The Web Magazine.

I have just recently found kakosa.com. It's a hotbed of design and artistic creativity. Now to work on the software developers version...


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