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Friday, August 16, 2002

The JUnit group did not respond much, so I won't go through the effort towards extending JUnit for network testing, just yet. Maybe when I do some intense network coding again. I also have to remember that JUnit is not a general-purpose network test suite, but rather a programming tool.

The hard-core programming might be with java.nio. I've been planning to study the Java Native I/O system for quite a while. It is very useful for server developers. I got reminded when I found out that the O'Reilly book on this topic is out.

I'm looking at another project that will make use of JNI and RMI, so I need to practice both.

I have quite a queue of things to learn, practice and master. I need the discipline to go through them, and the discernment to tell me that I should skip an area of study in favor of something else.

I am fascinated by the origins of words, thus The Phurba Etymologicon is noteworthy. It is "An Etymological Glossary of the English Language
With Special Reference to Non-Standard English
And Uncommon Words." I do avoid obscure words in my writing, as my goal is to keep things simple and straight to the point.


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